The Factory Girl

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近年来比较著名的翻唱由爱尔兰女歌手Sinead O'Connor演唱。其歌名变更为FACTORY GIRL,歌词也与最初版本有些许变化。
The Factory Girl
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The Factory GirlSarah Makem sings The Factory Girl

As I went a-walking one fine summer's morning,
  The birds on the branches they sweetly did sing.
  The lads and the lasses together were sporting,
  Going down to yon factory their work to begin.
I spied a wee damsel more fairer than Venus,
  Her skin like the lily that grows in the dell,
  Her cheek like the red rose that grew in yon valley.
  She is my own only goddess; she's a sweet factory girl.
I stepped it up to her, it was for to view her,
  When on me she cast a proud look of disdain.
  “Stand off me! Stand off me and do not insult me,
  For although I'm a poor girl, I think it no shame.”
“I don't mean to harm you or yet, love, to scorn you,
  But grant me one favour: pray where to you dwell?”
  “I am a poor orphan without home or relations
  And besides I'm a hard working factory girl.”
Well, now to conclude and to finish these verses,
  This couple got married and both are doing well.
  So, lads, fill your glasses and drink to the lasses
  Till we hear the dumb sound of the sweet factory bell.[1] 

The Factory GirlSinead O'Connor sings Factory Girl

As I went out walking one fine summer morning
  The birds in the bushes did whistle and sing
  The lads and the lassies in couples were courtin'
  Going back to the factory their work to begin
  He spied one among them,she was fairer than any
  Her cheeks like the red rose that blooms in the spring
  Her hair like the lily that grows in yon valley
  She was only a hardworking factory girl
  He steps up beside her,more closely to view her
  She says"My young man,don't stare me so
  I've gold in my pocket and silver as well
  No more will I answer that factory call"[2] 
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